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Company Overview

Edney Distributing Company, Inc. is a wholesale distributor of high quality equipment focusing on the following markets: agricultural, lawn and turf maintenance, forestry, and light industrial. For a complete listing of our products (including front end loaders, grain augers, rotary cutters, riding mowers, ATV & skid steer attachments, and snow blowers) reference our Products Catalog Index or search the Edney Products Catalog.
Comprised of over 1,000 reputable retail equipment dealers, our dealer network is represented in South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Iowa, upper Michigan, northern Illinois, and eastern Montana. We are proud to supply them with innovative attachments and specialized equipment from manufacturers around the world.  Most of the manufacturers for whom we distribute products have been business partners with us for many years, some dating back to the 1950s. However, we are continually searching for new products to better help our dealers meet their customers' needs.

Experienced Edney team members offer value-added services to dealers including product specifications and pricing, logistics, warranty support, and training. Our offices are linked together by state-of-the-art phone and computer systems. No matter where a team member is based, we are able to offer friendly, speedy, and accurate service.

Our Dealer Support Centers are located in

Company History

Edney Distributing Co. was established in 1951 by W. Fredrick and Ferne Edney in Huron, South Dakota. At its inception, the company offered wind generators to power homes and farms in rural South Dakota. Ferne handled the company's bookkeeping, while Fred managed the warehouse.

In 1955 their son, W. Milton Edney, joined them and together they expanded the scope of the company’s product line and customer base. Following Fred’s death in 1960, he became president of the newly incorporated business. Doing business with integrity, a firm hand shake, and always a memorable story, Milt forged many professional relationships that continue today. His brother, Dale Edney, came aboard in 1962 and served as Vice President until his retirement in 1993 after many years of focusing on operational excellence. Ferne Edney continued serving as Secretary-Treasurer and Office Manager until 1974.

In 1974, a third generation of the Edney family began their career in the family business when W. Douglas Edney joined the company as a territory manager (as his father had before him). He later served as the Vice President of Edney Distributing Company, Inc., opening three new locations and working with his father to expand product offerings until Milt’s passing in 2007. Doug is currently serving as president of the organization and is a past president of FEWA.

Doug’s children, W. Brian Edney and Jennifer Edney are proud to be the fourth generation of the Edney family to be a part of Fred and Ferne’s vision. Brian built the company’s first website and current technological infrastructure during his tenure from 1997 to 2009. Jenni joined the team in 2008 and continues to support the company’s growth through her Organizational Development role.

Our company is owned by its employees. Milt and Dale established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan in the 1970s. This plan allows all of our team members to share in the rewards of our collective hard work. ESOP information can be found at Menke & Associates, Inc.

About Us

Mission Statement

We assist our business partners to reach for and exceed their objectives through excellent customer service and product knowledge provided with integrity and excellence. To accomplish this mission, we provide an exceptional work environment, state of the art tools, and resources for our team to succeed.

Vision Statement

Our company exists to provide superior care to all of our partners in business ~ dealers, suppliers, and team members. We strive to be the “go-to” resource in our region so we can grow our partners’ businesses while we grow our own. We use our success to support our employees, their families, and our community.

Core Values

All Edney team members are guided by a common set of values. More than words on a page, our core values describe who we are and how we do business. Staying constant for almost seven decades, we live our values and have the courage to act on them every day.


We are committed to doing business - the way we always have - with honesty, commitment, and follow through. We prize our relationships with dealers, suppliers, and vendors and treat them the way we’d like to be treated.

Service Excellence

As a customer-driven business, our single-minded focus is on providing positive experiences. We do this by delivering accurate information in a timely way through as many channels as we can; by interacting professionally, courteously, and respectfully at all times; by offering high quality products; and by giving our all to deliver results.


With complementary skills, our people are committed to supporting each other, drawing on unique areas of experience, education, and skills to meet our obligations and surpass our customers’ expectations.


We maintain relationships throughout the industry and the world to offer our dealers a unique line of products to meet their customers’ varied needs. At the same time we create and maintain our local presence, with team members working out of four offices in four states. Most importantly, we value the warm personal relationships have developed over some cases generations.


Grounded by our values, we are committed to continued growth and innovation. From seeking new manufacturers and cutting-edge products to implementing the latest technology to speed delivery of customer service, market our products, and streamline operations we are open to change and use our agility to respond quickly to changing business needs.